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WW Enterprises is involved in the industry of: Biotechnology, Weapons development, Aerospace technology, Chemicals, Shipping/shipbuilding, WW Foundation, Medical science, Industrial development, Electronics & Entertainment.

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WW Enterprises is a company that is trying to change the word for better by creating new technology and looking for ways to improve it

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this wiki was created by me and friend in order for us to use this company in the real world by the time were 21 and turn it into a multimillion dollar company using that money for scientific reaserch like finding a cure for aids and cancer or using the Willis foundation for charities and orphans and even self stustaining clean energy power source reserch that will rocket skyhigh and give us a brighter future. So me and my friend who were 13 when we made this wiki to get noticed by important people that are able to help us through finacial resources this will really help WW Enterprises in the future.

Raywills15 (talk) 05:46, April 6, 2013 (UTC)Ray Willis&Brock WordlowRaywills15 (talk) 05:46, April 6, 2013 (UTC)

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